Europe 2018 – Manchester and Lyon

First five days visiting family in Manchester. Always wonderful seeing my cousins, aunties and uncles. Attended a Manchester United match. Terrible result against bottom-dwelling West Brom. Apparently the team was still celebrating last week’s thrilling win over Manchester City and forgot to play football. Great seats, though, and lovely experience in the VIP suite before and after the match. Saw some of the players on the way out. That’s David de Gea, Alexis Sanchez and Chris Smalling.

Next, on to the Grand Tour of Europe starting in Lyon, France.

My suite at the Cour des Loges Hotel is described as a photographer’s studio, though it’s more like a museum of photography. Love the old camera (red accordion-like object). Tri-level design adds character to the space.

Hotel spa is open until midnight. Perfect for this jetlagged Californian. Indoor whirlpool in gorgeous glassed-out garden. Wave pool, steam and dry saunas. The works. David statue is kitschy fun. And kinda hot. Going to see Michelangelo’s original in Florence on Saturday – after Venice, that is.

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