Europe 2018 – Venice

At Peggy Guggenheim’s Venice palazzo – A roomful of Pollocks!

Friend, wife, mentor, mentee. Peggy knew them all. After meeting Piet Mondrian at his studio, she commented, “He kissed me and I was surprised to discover how young he was at 72!”

I suppose if you’re married to the artist you’re fair game for his paintings. Peggy Guggenheim is both the figure in red and the blue-haired figure next to the horse. Hubby Max Ernst imagined himself as the horse in “The Antipope”.
If I could look at that view all day, I’d be excited too. When she had certain guests, Peggy use to unscrew and remove the potentially offensive item. It’s now permanently attached.

Lions and Titians and Bosches, oh my! At the Gallerie dell’Accademia

My hotel suite in Venice was nice enough, though not as high style as others I’ve stayed in. To it’s credit, the shower was big enough to sublet – complete with large porthole window looking over the canal. And the TV’s appearing in the bathroom mirrors were a lot of fun.The room was full of high-end Venetian glass, though the placement was a bit odd. That’s nearly $3000 worth of gorgeously hued fazoletto ( crinkled handkerchief ) vases tucked away in a dim corner.

All the windows had great canal views, even the funky half windows behind bars, since I could see through them laying down in bed or sitting on the couch. The reason for these was the hotel was originally a glass factory, and the exteriors could not be altered in history-conscious Venice.

My favorite Venetian art glass on this trip was at Seguso. The lovely Giulia Seguso, latest descendant of the family making glass in Venice since 1397(!), graciously displayed some pieces to their best effect outside the studio. Stunning!

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