Europe  2018 – Florence

My place in Florence was in a villa owned for centuries by a prominent Florentine family. Nowadays they rent out part of the villa to help pay for upkeep of the estate. The view from my room was onto their garden, a park really, which is the largest private garden in Florence. The tower was originally used for astronomy. Based on the number of birds I saw flying in and out of the nooks and crevices, it’s now just a giant birdhouse.

The room at the Ad Astra in Florence was eclectic and fun, mixing mid-century furniture with period pieces.

Donatello’s David. Some say this all but proves he was gay. I won’t argue with that.

Michelangelo’s David, perhaps the greatest sculpture of all time. Plus lesser known views, also stunning. We already knew he was gay.

Caravaggios at the Uffizi

Botticelli – an eye for beauty. At the Uffizi

Brunelleschi looking across the square at his creation – Florence Cathedral ( Duomo )

Florence has so much incredible art, architecture and history, it’s overwhelming. I was overcome by emotion time and again.

The Ponte Vecchio (built in 1345 ), with view of the Uffizi Gallery ( center left ) on the Arno with hills of Tuscany in the background; Florence City Hall ( Palazzo Vecchio ); Mosaic on front of Florence Cathedral ( Duomo ); Main front doors of the Duomo.

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