Europe 2018 – Oslo

Love the yellows and blues predominant in Oslo’s landmark buildings. Here’s the Royal Palace, Parliament Building, and National Theater (with interior). Nice choice of plays, btw.

No trip to Oslo is complete without seeing (hearing?) Munch’s Scream. He painted a few versions; the one I saw was at the National Gallery. As was another of his classics – Madonna.

Oslo Opera House brings the architecture to the people. Fantastic synergy of building, roof, plaza and Oslo fjord. Twilight photo is not mine, btw.

My suite in Oslo, Norway. Received a free upgrade because I asked for one. Sometimes that works. Modern design hotel with gorgeous original art throughout.

Full-featured spa, one of the nicest urban hotel spas I have visited. Lovely view of Oslo fjord.

Hotel is called The Thief, named for the island where it’s located – Tjuvholmen. At one time this was a nefarious area. Now, not so much.

Astrud Fearnley museum next to my hotel in Oslo has indoor and outdoor modern art exhibits. Orange windows for a current exhibition provide a surreal view of Oslo fjord.

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