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Here's my latest think piece.


Two exhibitions drew me to Amsterdam for a quick day trip. I have visited Amsterdam before, so my time was almost entirely spent at two great museums:

The Rijksmuseum pulled out "All The Rembrandts" from their collection to mark the 350th year of his death.

The Van Gogh Museum's "Hockney-Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature" exhibited their paintings of nature side by side to illustrate their common ground.

Both exhibitions were as fabulous as one would hope. And both museums' regular collections are worth visits on their own.

The Van Gogh Museum prohibits photographs, but I couldn't resist sneaking quick shots of two classics: Sunflowers and Almond Blossoms.

I've included a few downloaded Hockneys and Van Goghs that inspired this exhibition. Plus a couple iconic Hockneys because I love them so much.

Absolutely fascinating was a video showing Hockney creating a "painting" from scratch on an iPad.

Hockney narrated the ten-minute short of himself adding the strokes, colors and multiple layers. A fabulous opportunity to observe one of today's greatest living artists at work.

Rembrandt created dozens of paintings and hundreds of drawings and prints, and the Rijksmuseum's collection reflects this ratio.

Much has been said about his paintings, and I won't attempt to laud them further.

At this exhibition, it was the 60 drawings and more than 300 prints that offered seemingly endless opportunities to revel in his artistic genius.