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Here's my latest think piece.


Before heading to Manchester to spend Christmas with my family, I enjoyed London's fabulous Christmas decorations.

After fabulous Christmas dinners at my cousin Karen's and cousin Alison's, on Boxing Day I went with my cousin Andrew to the Manchester United match against Sunderland.

Great seats next to the Director's Box as part of the VIP Europa Suite package. Yet another goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovich contributed to an easy 3-1 victory. Great food and drink in the Europa Suite, and hobnobbing with legendary United players - past and present.

Before flying home from London, I rang in the New Year with my cousin Chloe and her boyfriend. We watched fireworks over the Thames from London Bridge, and saw a West End show - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime.The play is about a mystery befalling a dog as seen/heard/felt by a teen on the autism spectrum. It was stunning when I saw it on Broadway in 2014, and equally brilliant here.

Elton John has amassed perhaps the most impressive collection of early 20th Century photography in the world. All since he got sober in 1990. We call that switching addictions. Sir Elton loaned 150 of his favorite pieces to London's Tate Modern, resulting in a stunning exhibition. Photography was not allowed at the exhibition, so I downloaded some of my favorites.

On another evening strolling through Soho, we fell upon the Lights of Soho gallery, London's first light art gallery. Filled mainly with neon fixtures, it was perhaps the visual highlight of my trip.