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Glenn Murray

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Here's my latest think piece.

Nina Simone. What an amazing, talented and fierce woman! Writing and releasing a civil rights protest single called Mississippi Goddam at the height of her career - in 1964!

Later in the Sixties she was so mad at oppression and violence in the South that she wanted to go down there and "kill them all." Easy to judge her for inciting violence, but try to imagine what it was like living through the Sixties with her temperament and passion.

I hope that with the release of the documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone, she finally gets her due recognition and respect for her contribution to music and civil rights - the ultimate art of being true to oneself.


Modern-day Gay and Black Icon Janelle Monáe just released a protest song, Hell You Talmbout, reciting the names of Black people who died as a result of encounters with law enforcement and/or racial violence, after each victim exhorting "Say [Their] Name!"

Destined to become a classic.

Q. How much has really changed since Nina Simone wrote and sang about it in the Sixties and Janelle Monae writes and sings about it today?

A. Smartphone videos, so perpetrators can't lie about what really happened.

Black Lives Matter. Gay Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. Peoples Lives Matter.

Yet, still no action against the police officer who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was at a playground with a toy gun. Bad racist murdering police must be stopped and removed. Peace officers should protect and serve so young boys can go outside and play. My heart aches for those who loved and knew Tamir.