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Here's my latest think piece.


Belgium was my "new" country for this trip, continuing my tradition of travelling to at least one country I had not yet visited during each trip to Europe.

I loved my stay in Brussels. Contrary to some naysayers calling it one of the most boring cities in Europe, the culture, cuisine (and shopping!) are world class.

The city was filled with colorful light intallations for the holidays, highlighted by the extraordinary Son et Lumiere (Sound and Light) show in the Grand Place. Here is a snippet, followed by some gorgeous stills:

Another free upgrade to a suite at Be Manos Hotel. I've been very fortunate with the free upgrades this trip. The suite was distinctly noir - tres chic et erotique.

Belgian chocolate is world-renowned. Since I consider chocolate to be a food group, visiting Belgium was something of a pilgrimage.

Brussels was a treasure trove of quirky modernism. Classical architecture provided effective contrasts.