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Here's my latest think piece.


In the year before my visit to Paris, France had experienced two horrendous terrorist attacks. On November 15, 2015 the worst-ever day of terrorist attacks in Paris resulted in 130 killed, including 90 killed during a concert at the Bataclan Theatre. And on July 14, 2016 a terrorist drove a truck down the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, killing 86 and injuring 434 people celebrating Bastille Day (French Independence Day).

I was determined to do my part supporting France by visiting on my first trip to Europe after the attacks. Sadly, on the day before my arrival in Paris, there was yet another terrorist attack - at Berlin's Christmas Market. I was doubly determined to not let the terrorists win, so I made a point of visiting the Paris Christmas Markets. It was difficult to gauge the mood of the people at the markets, or know if the level of attendance had been affected by recent events. I am sure that everyone present was resolute in carrying on with their lives and traditional celebrations.

Along with my fellow travellers in life's rich pageant, we won't let the bad guys keep us down!

I received a complimentary upgrade to a gorgeous suite upon arrival at Hotel Saint-Marc. Guests can reserve the entire pool and spa for an hour each day. So after a hard day at the museums and shops, I recuperate in my private refuge. Great idea! Great hotel!

After losing seventy pounds in the last year, I am getting a bit more confident posing for pics during my vacations.

Paris is a beautiful city all year long, including winter.

At the tip of Île de la Cité in the middle of the Seine in Paris is a recently revamped memorial to the 'Disappeared' from World War II.

There were names, stories and places - but the most moving scenes for me were abstract uses of light and space like these. Haunting and terribly sad.

Paris is my favorite city in the world for shopping and cuisine. They truly have it down to an art.

The Pompidou Centre (France's National Museum of Modern Art) is a stunning complex with equally exquisite art. During this visit, I was very fortunate to happen upon the exhibition, Magritte: The Treason of the Images.