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Here's my latest think piece.


I started my European trip visiting family in Manchester. Always wonderful seeing my cousins, aunties and uncles.

My cousin Karen joined me for a Manchester United match at Old Trafford. We had a terrible result against bottom-dwelling West Brom. Apparently the team was still celebrating last week’s thrilling win over Manchester City and forgot to play football. Great seats, though, and a lovely experience in the VIP suite before and after the match. Saw some of the players on the way out, including David de Gea, Alexis Sanchez and Chris Smalling.

On the way back to the States, I stopped in London for quick visit with my cousin Chloe Rowan, who is making quite the life for herself in the UK’s capital city. Had a delish dinner at Sketch restaurant/gallery, fitting location given the art-centric theme of this trip.