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Here's my latest think piece.


Spent a week in New York City, primarily to see Hamilton. Stayed at Ian Schrager's New York Edition - modern, understated and tres chic. The hotel is in the former Met Life Clock Tower, which was the tallest building in the world from 1909 - 1913. View from the room included Madison Square Park and the iconic Flatiron Building.

Just after I checked out, a terrorist bomb exploded next to my hotel. I had walked by the dumpster with the bomb on the way to a show hours before the explosion. On another dark side note, I stayed in Room 911. Considering that hotels are superstitious enough not to have 13th floors, you would think there wouldn't be Room 911's in New York City.

Hamilton more than lived up to the hype. It was a non-stop thrill ride. Usually a musical has one or two showstopping numbers; Hamilton is packed with them.

"Look around. Look around. The Revolution is happening"

"Write like you're running out of time"

With shows like this, idealism and the musical as an evolving modern art form are alive and well.

It's not often that two plays sweep the Tony Awards the same year. Also not too often I see them back to back. After Best Musical "Hamilton", it was Best Play "The Humans". Favorite line from the family drama:

Father to daughter during Thanksgiving dinner, which included her superfood kale salad, "If you're so depressed, why do you want to live forever?"

Judith Light won't win a third (!) consecutive Tony for her performance in "All the Ways to Say I Love You", since it's Off-Broadway. She delivers another tour de force, though, in the one-woman Neil LaBute play. La Bute's characters are known for being unlikeable, as is Light's Faye Johnson, but they sure have stories to tell.

Bits of conversation overheard on The High Line (NYC's fabulous new elevated walkway repurposed from abanoned rail line to urban pastoral delight)

"...very non-threatening lesbian"

"...still be my friend"

"This is the Meatpacking District." (somehow the heavy Germanic accent made it sound more provocative)