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Glenn Murray

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Here's my latest think piece.


Looking out my window at the State Capitol building today, I feel hopeful about our federal government leading the way out of this pandemic. Then I see one of the rapidly increasing population of Sacramento's homeless persons sprawled on the concrete parking lot across the street, surrounded by trash and the hoarded shopping-cart possessions of his life. He spends much of the day ranting and raving. (If we were a truly civilized society, he would be safely-sheltered and humanely-treated for mental illness.) I used to think he was almost completely removed from rational thought, and consciously avoided any interaction for fear of triggering a violent outburst, until one day he greeted me from across the street. I now greet him as I do my other neighbors. But I still don’t get too close.


View from my window, Inauguration Day 2021. Hope amid depressing reality.