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Here's my latest think piece.


Key West has tons of typical touristy shops filled with resort wear, souvenirs, and schlocky art, but also some wonderful galleries and boutiques. And great restaurants, including one at the Marquesa Hotel, where I stayed.

I purchased several lovely pieces, including the photos seen below. And some fun kitschy art. Never too highbrow, me. I would loved to have purchased the Giraffe Airplane piece shown, but had nowhere to put it.

I had meant to spend a day snorkeling and boating off Islamorada, which has the best reefs in the Keys, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Fortunately I had a perfect snorkeling day while in Key West. Matt, the captain of the boat I hired, took me to all the best diving spots off Key West. We also talked about what life was like during the pandemic. Key West is isolated by nature, but was even more so during lockdown, since all of the Keys were closed off to non-residents. Yet another surreal experience from the past year, waiting out a pandemic on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. About as good as you could hope for under the circumstances. According to Matt, in only a short time the reefs and waters began recovering from damages caused by the large cruise ships and other incursions.

It quickly went from one extreme to the other though. Once the world opened up a bit, descending hordes felt they could act even more crassly and recklessly than decadent drunken Key West tourists normally do, if that was possible. There are still no large cruise ships as of now, though the powers of commerce will probably dictate their return eventually.

During my visit, Key West seemed typical of my previous experiences - a beautiful tropical island with fun, quirky architecture and fascinating history, and far too many tourists letting loose, perhaps a bit more boisterous than usual considering the pent-up stress and fear of the past year.