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Glenn Murray

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Here's my latest think piece.


Attended Manchester United - Liverpool with my cousin Steve in the Director's Box and VIP Europa Suite. A convincing 3-1 win highlighted by Anthony Martial's first goal just a few minutes into his United career, scored right in front of us - a great piece of individual skill.

As Steve commmented, Liverpool is just a shadow of what they once were. Always great to beat them, but not the same, really.

A quick swing through London on my way home. I caught dinner and a show with my cousin Chloe Rowan and her boyfriend Tom Howard. They had just moved to London after graduating from Uni.

I stayed at Hazlitt's Hotel located in a 300-year-old building in Soho, London. The building was constructed of wood recycled from the previous home on this site, the Duke of Monmouth's residence, which was dismantled after the duke's fall from grace. The duke was the the out-of-wedlock son of King Charles II, and was executed after rebelling against his uncle, King James II.

At the time, Soho was one of the more fashionable suburbs of London. Previous residents of the current building include the mistress of Jonathan Swift (of Gulliver's Travels fame).