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Here's my latest think piece.


Just as gay men with AIDS were shunned at the height if the epidemic, the art world has not prominently featured many works on the subject.

The Leslie-Lohman LGBT Museum in Soho is trying to rectify this with it's current exhibition. From contemporary pieces, including in-your-face gay sex on a moving blanket (now THAT's an AIDS quilt), to period pieces about men and women facing imminent death, it is a powerful experience.

After visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and reviewing the works that inspired me to take photos, I noticed a children in peril theme. Must be all the therapy I've had lately!

Forget the nightingale in the Ernst work ( Two Children Threatened by a Nightingale ), who's the creep making off with one of the children? In Rauschenberg's Canyon, both America and the child appear imperiled, thanks to the blackened eagle et al. Brancusi's Bird in Space ultimately lifts the spirit!

Favorite design destinations on this trip - Knoll, Poltrona Frau, ABC Carpet & Home, MOMA Soho store and Museum of Arts and Design

Harry Bertoia was an artist creating primarily metal works in sculpture, furniture and jewelry. His large public works were leading symbols of Mid-Century Modern life starting in the 1950's, and his smaller sculptures are highly sought after. Bertoia's Diamond Chair is one of the most iconic chairs of the 20th Century.

Later in his career, Bertoia assembled many of his "sound sculptures" in a barn which he played and recorded as "Sonambient" music.

His interactive exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design - Atmosphere for Enjoyment: Harry Bertoia’s Environment for Sound - allowed patrons to make their own music. Here's a short video of the master at work: