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Glenn Murray

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Here's my latest think piece.


Once I scheduled my vaccinations, I wanted to take a trip within the United States ( since most international travel well still highly impractical), but outside driving range. New York was unthinkable without Broadway, so Miami and the Florida Keys were my second choice. I also wanted to continue hiding and isolating, but I knew that forcing myself to get out would hasten restarting my life.

I felt safe enough flying, but it was still weird and uncomfortable wearing a mask on the plane for many hours. Especially because the food, even in First Class, was a tasteless selection of pre-packaged snacks. My system was still a bit off when I got to Miami, but I quickly perked up.

My hotel began life as the Art Deco Traymore. Fabulous modern redesign, while staying true to its roots. My suite is bright and lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed several days of lounging, swimming, fabulous food, scenery and shopping in multicultural Miami.

A highlight was entering a Baccarat art glass boutique in the Design District and discovering there was also a cafe, with exquisite Baccarat tableware. It is more like a museum, really. A row of chandeliers over the tables are $130,000 - each. The spherical chandelier in the boutique is priceless. I thought I had died and gone to Art Glass / French Restaurant heaven!