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Here's my latest think piece.


Looking for fun events in my favorite European cities during trip planning, I saw that Milan was hosting the World's Fair. I didn't know they still had World Fairs, but it looked like they were putting a lot of effort into it, and the theme was food (what's not to love), so off I went.

I didn't see a radical new invention, like previous World Fairs' television (New York 1939) or ice cream (St. Louis 1904). Multicultural delights abounded, though.

Since the World's Fair is no longer a magnet for international travelers, today's World Fairs depend largely on locals for attendance. I was fascinated watching Europeans, mostly Italians, in a group festival situation. I am sure I romanticized it somewhat, but there was no mistaking the different vibes, especially among the younger generations. Not as much simmering violence and anti-social attitudes as is prevalent at American festivals today. It was refereshing to see everyone get together and enjoy the fair.

It's stumbling upon acts like this that makes traveling so rewarding. Strolling the fairgrounds, I saw an impromptu parade led be a group of percussionists. I followed them (was enticed?) into the Argentine Pavilion and enjoyed a pulsating show. Though it's not in the video, they also danced a steamy limbic tango. Afterwards, I wanted to follow them all the way back to Argentina.

The Tree of Life Musical Fountain show was the entertainment highlight of the evening.

I couldn't visit Milan without walking down Via Durini, the greatest street of modern furniture showrooms in the world.