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Oslo Norway was a cultural and scenic delight. I loved the yellows and blues predominant in Oslo’s landmark buildings. The stunning Oslo Opera House presented a fantastic synergy of building, roof, plaza and Oslo Fjord - truly bringing the architecture to the people.

My hotel is called The Thief, named for the island where it’s located – Tjuvholmen. At one time this was a nefarious area. Now, not so much.

I was upgraded to a suite upon request, and enjoyed all aspects of this modern design hotel with gorgeous original art throughout. The full-featured spa was one of the nicest urban hotel spas I have visited.

No trip to Oslo is complete without seeing (hearing?) Munch’s Scream. He painted a few versions; the one I saw was at the National Gallery. As was an entire roomful of his classics, and a wonderful collection of Norwegian art.

Frogner Park contains sculptures by Gustav Vigeland which are a pure celebration of life, unclothed.

Angry Baby is Frogner Park's most famous resident, though the community Vigeland created has a collective power that transcends the individual works. A must see for anyone visiting Oslo.

Astrup Fearnley Museum, next to my hotel, is a Renzo Piano-designed masterpiece, with a great collection of modern art, and an envious location on Oslo Fjord, next to the Tjulvhomen Sculpture Park.