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Here's my latest think piece.


Went to Outside Lands in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on a day pass in the VIP suite. Arcade Fire headlined, at their inspiring and energetic best.

My favorite unexpected surprise was tUnE-yArDs, featuring lead singer/sequencer Merrill Garbus. I was astounded watching/listening to her record her own beats, vocals and instrumental lines, layering loops in real-time, to create a rich and propulsive musical collage. With her incisive sociopolitical lyrics, it made for one of the best indie shows I have ever seen. So glad I made it to their early mid-day performance.

!!! laid down some extended funky grooves during their danceable set, a mid-afternoon highlight.

I'm not much of a celebrity spotter; one might pass right in front of me without registering. My friend Terry, who was more sedentary by necessity, and more of an avid fan of celebrity spotting, spent time sitting next to one of the McDoctors from Grey's Anatomy. I already can't remember which one.


tUnE-yArDs, featuring Merrill Garbus


!!! - Funky Goodness


Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - at Outside Lands