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Glenn Murray

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Here's my latest think piece.


A few years ago, a friend told me that Venice was the most magical place he had ever been; the entire city cast a spell on him. Of course, the spell's effectiveness was contigent on finding places not overrun by tourists, which is becoming more and more difficult.

After my first visit, I too was spellbound by Venice. Never before had a city had this kind of effect on me. It's unique geography of canals and narrow streets; it's cumulative history of building a magnificent civilization on a few tiny islands; the spirituality of it's landmarks (which to me transcend Catholicism) - all create an aura of magical realism. Give it a chance, and you will probably agree.

I had just made a nice profit on the sale of my home, so I splurged on a grand suite at Palazzina Grassi - the love child of Philippe Starck and Venice.

After years of collecting art glass, my visit to Murano today was akin to a pilgrimage. I picked up some nice pieces at Venini.

A vist to the Glass Museum should finally dispel any argument against glass being fine art, as opposed to decorative art.

Venice is also known for it festivals - including the Venice Film Festival and the Biennales. Every two years the biennale alternates between Art and Architecture. I visited during Biennale Architettura.